The firm provides services to a full range of clients whether they are planning small projects requiring limited assistance or are planning major or large scale projects, often with multiple buildings, which will require extensive design and planning services.  Project designs that the firm produced include individual residential and commercial developments of over 250,000sf and sites of hundreds of acres.  You can see some of the range and scale of our designs on our biographical and project illustration pages.



  • PROJECT PROGRAMMING and PRELIMINARY DESIGN. Preliminary project analysis and programming, schematic and preliminary design.  If requested by the client at these early stages of the work, we include help with cost estimating and reviews and choices of proposed construction materials.


  • PRELIMINARY DESIGN.  Preliminary Site Design, for individual buildings and their surroundings, multi-building campuses and complete small communities.


  • CONSTRUCTION PLANS.  Production of Building Plans and Specifications for permitting, bidding and constructing the project.  We provide Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Protection design, and often include Interior design and other specialties if needed to complete the project.


  • LEED and GREEN DESIGN.  The firm can provide design services for energy conservation and sustainable buildings, services for green designs and for the preparation of LEED applications and documents.


  • BUILDING PERMITS.  We work closely with local, state and other agencies which have jurisdiction and an interest in the project to obtain the necessary permits.


  • BIDDING.  When requested, the firm assists the client with selecting contractors and reviewing their bid and product submissions.


  • CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, Construction Progress Reviews.  When requested or required we provide reviews of on-site construction progress, the contractor product and technical submittals and the value of the construction. We will design or otherwise produce change orders requested by the client or proposed by the contractor.  However, we do not provide professional accounting services.


  • CONSTRUCTION DEFECT REVIEWS. Sometimes, unfortunately, a client owns, rents or otherwise obtains a building or site which exhibits existing construction problems.   We assist clients, their attorneys, environmental specialists and other professionals in analyzing claims and planning corrections for these defects.


Our services generally do not include Site Surveys or Environmental or Construction Material Testing, Landscape Design or Civil Engineering Design.  These services are usually provided separately by the client or contractor.  We often guide the client in the selection of the services required or may include some of the work in our design contract if needed.



Compensation and Fees


The compensation charged for any or all of the services outlined above varies with the size and type of the project, and the scope of the services and the needs of the client.  Compensation must be determined through a thorough discussion of the project and the aims, needs, experience and capabilities of the client.  Generally speaking, the amount charged may be relatively lower for large projects with repetitive elements and higher for a smaller projects and projects with complex requirements.


For additional information, and to discuss the requirements for a proposed project, please contact one of the principals of the company.

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